Danube Hydrometeorological Observatory


The Danube date on water flux and level on the Reni tide-gauge (45,461° N, 28,287° E) was present by Danube Hydrometeorological Observatory from December 1 2008 till June 1 2009.

Danube Hydrometeorological Observatory (DHMO), is the structural unit of State Committee for Hydrometeorology of Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Affairs, was established in September 1960. It comprises 3 hydro-meteorological stations, 14 hydrological stations and three research boats used for surveys in the Danube Delta and the adjacent Black Sea area. It staff consist of 99 persons. DHMO studies the Ukrainian Danube Delta, the adjacent part of the Black Sea and the Lower Danube Lakes.

    Research Activities:
  • Participation in the National System of Hydrometeorological Monitoring in the Danube Delta and the Adjacent Black Sea Area (1960 - currently)
  • joint Ukrainian and Romanian hydrological studies of water and sediments discharge changeability in the Danube Delta (2000-2008);
  • development of hydrological substantiation of the navigable channel between the Danube and the Black Sea on the Ukrainian segment of the Delta (2002-2004);
  • TACIS Project «Lower Danube Lakes: Sustainable Restoration and Protection of Habitats and Ecosystems» (2000-2003);
  • hydrological and hydrochemical monitoring of the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta under the conditions of restoration and use of the deep navigable channel between the Danube and the Black Sea (2004-2008);
  • Tacis Project B̔echnical Assistance for the Lower Dnister River Basin Management Planning B۠(2006-2007);
  • Tacis Project B ̄evelopment of Transboundary Cooperation in the Sphere of Integrated Water Resources Management in the Lower Danube Euroregion in the Framework of the Neighborhood Programme «Ukraine and Romania » (2007 - 2009).

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