Katsiveli Data


The equipment was installed at the Experimental Branch of Marine Hydrophysical Institute (EBMHI) on the Southern coast of Crimean Peninsula (33.98E; 44.39N) - on 17 July, 2003

  • Underwater pressure sensor of Paroscientific Inc. manufacture, type Digiquartz Intelligent sensor, model 8DP060-1 with an RS-232 communication cable; Water temperature and pressure.
  • SETRA atmospheric pressure sensor, type 470.
  • Garmin GPS II Plus Personal Navigator unit with serial output and remote antenna for accurate time recording. (indicated MGS)
  • There is also the sea level observations by float tide-gauge (indicated point CWP)

               PAROS                                                           SETRA
The Katsively data are kept and presented in a test mode. The quality control procedure is not being realized at the moment. Please, connect Ph.D. Eugeny Lemeshko on data receiving and quality control questions.

Data access